rotaryRotary Construcţii is a leading construction company in Romania. Rotary Constructii SRL is located in Bucharest, its headquarter being on Parcului Street nr. 77 and its main offices on Lucian Blaga Street, no. 4, 3rd district.

It has been established in 1991 as a family business. In 20 years from the set-up, our clients learned to rely on us and therefore our market share grew year after year. The company stands out and ensures its leading role in the domestic market due to a steady balanced clientele and a long and impressive record of successfully completed projects, such as hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, sewage and water networks, monuments and/or buildings restoration, constructions or strengthen of residential building, commercial centers, office buildings, residential complexes, universities, hotels, industrial installations.

Our strategies are based on a combination of technology and skills development that allow us to develop workable solutions, reliable and cost-effective. The Company benefits of an efficient and effective organization and management structure.
The combination of the expertise in construction with innovative and technologically advanced solutions is expected to allow the company to maintain serious competitive advantages and to claim the assignment of new contracts.