We believe Rotary’s greatest asset is our people providing strength and competence in approaching projects no matter how difficult they are.
At Rotary Construcţii uwe empower our employees and enrich their work by involving them in the decision in each of our projects, with a business approach focused on achieving both company’s and employees professional objectives.
Our objective: optimizing human resources and a rigorous personnel selection.
The force of the company is given by a strong mixture of:
• A wide knowledge base kept up to date thanks to ongoing training
• Specialization in every new field
• Recruiting specialists trained in Romania or abroad
Due to continuously recruitment of young graduates, bringing in new ideas and enthusiasm, Rotary is a force today and is also prepared for the future.
As for team loyalty, it should be pointed out that the average length in a position is more than 6 years and more than 15% of the staff is working at Rotary since the company’s establishment, ensuring the continuity of basic principles of doing things in a right way, even if the right way is not always the easiest way.