newg2The new building, modern and having the imposed standards, will have around 19000 sqm built, parking spaces underground and above ground, 10 new surgery rooms, a whole department of medical imaging, 8 elevators and a capacity of 287 beds. Children’s Hospital “Dr. Victor Gomoiu “is one of the oldest children’s hospitals in Romania. It was opened in 1927, at that time director was appointed Professor Victor Gomoiu.
Organized in the interwar period as a hospital that provided medical services the poor, the hospital began offering after the 2nd World War, strictly pediatric services, becoming today one of the leading children’s hospitals in Bucharest.
The Hospital construction consists in three buildings named A1, A2, A3 and a body linking the old and building the new hospital – A4. To meet the desired functions, it was chosen a vertical structure of reinforced concrete with dual-core, consists in rigid frames and the elevators and stairs for access.
The height: basement + ground + 6 floors + technical floor withdrawn Developed area of building: 17 282 sqm
Future-oriented, the new Children’s Emergency Hospital “Dr. Victor Gomoiu”
will meet the needs of people in a modern environment and will provide a medical service in compliance with European Standards.

Current Status :

Body A1:
newg2Walls finishings – Basement – technical floor – 95%
Floors finishings- Basement – technical floor – 80%
Ceilings finishings – Basement – Technical Floor 60%
Body A2 :
Walls finishings- Basement – technical floor – 80%
Floors finishings – Basement – technical floor – 80%
Ceilings finishings – Basement – 50% Technical Floor

Body A3:
– AAC Masonry central heating – Floor – 100%.
– Waterproof and attics central heating – 100%
newg3– Screed central heating – 100%
– Plants CT – 100%
Fronts South, West, North, East:98%
– Delivery of material on site – 100%
– Elevator installation : no. 1,2,3, 4, 5 and 6 complete, cabin installation starts for 7-8